Oliver's Woodworking Inc. is the proud recipient of the Presidents' Award from Tennessee Eastman Division of Eastman Chemical Company for waste reduction and environmental protection of wooden pallets to landfills. We take pride in knowing that we are able to be a part of an effective recycling program. At Oliver's Woodworking, Inc. we realize that as a manufactuer of reusable shipping products, we have the opportunity to make a significant difference in the preservation of wood as a renewable resource. 

Why Recycle?

According to a study conducted by the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products at Virginia Tech, the impact recycling has on our industry is encouraging.

Not only is recycling among companies making pallet disposal easier, it is helping our enviornment as well.  Millions of wooden pallets and over a billion board feet of lumber are taken out the waste stream each year by recycling.  This is a significant burden lifted from our landfills as well as one or our most important natural resources, wood.  Together we can make a difference! Let us show you how we can put in a system at your company to recycle/repair your pallets.  Call us anytime at (423)543-0028.


Pallets are a durable, re-usable resource, that can help your company get the most for your dollar by putting used pallets back into recirculation.  If you are a company that operates on a closed-loop system, it pays to maintain those pallets to maximize their benefit.  We can pickup your used pallets, sort, inspect, and repair and keep your pallets maintained to your specification. When you need them, we can deliver them back for your use.  This is only one of the ways we can implement an effective pallet recycling system for you.  Call us anytime at (423)543-0028 and let us design a system that is customized for your needs.